AFL – Bankstown Bullsharks

A (very) short documentary about an extraordinary girl, her team, and her cool dad.

Girls Can’t Surf – Feature Documentary (Trailer)

I had the idea for this film bobbing around in the surf at my local beach. Rotten Tomatoes describes it as 'a wild ride of rebellion, smashing the patriarchy and cut-throat adventure'. Girls Can't Surf was the highest-grossing feature doc in Australia in 2021 and played the Tribeca International Film Festival and Sydney International Film Festival, with subsequent international release. I've recently made a resolution to do more thinking in the surf.


A short coming of age drama I wrote myself and co-directed with my old mate Justin McMillan. Produced by Justin and Andrew MacClean, and shot on the south coast of NSW in Australia, it's a missive on how the ocean can giveth and taketh away. Selected for the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival Short Film program and Montreal World Competition Short Film section.


A short documentary I filmed in Saskatchewan, Canada, about memory, artefacts, and stories that have travelled through time on the land. The Hammerstone lives its digital life on the wonderful NOWNESS culture platform.


I've long dreamt of directing an ESPN 30 for 30. This incredible sports story may be the closest I'll come.


If you'd told me when I bought my first Rollins Band CD back in the 90s that I'd one day direct a documentary about contemporary Australian masculinity with the great man himself, well...

AFL – Richmond Tigers

I still get dust in my eye when I watch this. And I'm not even a Tigers supporter. A short documentary I directed about one of the great comebacks.

AFL – Aliir Aliir

The origin story of a South Sudanese refugee's journey to becoming one of the best players in the AFL.

Andy Hensel – Branded Documentary Short

Probably one of the projects I'm most proud of. Andy Hensel will touch you with his story.

Storm Surfers 3D – Feature Documentary (Trailer)

Co-directed with my old mate Justin McMillan, Storm Surfers 3D is everything 3D cinema was meant to be. Including three larger-than-life characters and rolling around in 20ft surf, 70kms from land. Storm Surfers 3D won runner-up in the audience award at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and won Best Feature Documentary at the 2012 AACTAs, as well as enjoying an international release.

Derek Rabelo – Branded Documentary Short

You think you can't do that thing? Watch and learn from this incredible Brazilian.